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kayla crowe
Hi, I'm Kayla Crowe. I'm the proud mother of a teen and wife of a wonderful magician. I was raised in the Navy and was blessed to travel the world at a young age. There are two motos that I live by, one that I crafted, "Nothing personal. Nothing Permanent" and one from Yogi Berra, "90% of the game is half mental." I strongly believe that  perception and self-talk are the greatest influencers of how satisfied we are as individuals. I became very interested in the way in which people think and behave as well as the unique ways in which we do so when I became a mental health patient at the age of 10. When I allow myself to, I enjoy meditating (which is really hard!) and "running" (which looks more like aggressive walking and I love it!). Do me a favor and when you see me ask what I'm learning from it- thanks!