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What Your Child Will Learn

Greetings Parents & Guardians,

I am looking forward to communicating with you through the Peach Springs website. This year Mrs. Jorgine Paya and I are happy to welcome a new member to our Title 1 team, Mrs. Terri Lucas. Mrs. Lucas comes to us from Kingman and is a great asset to the school.


Students are just as excited this year as they were last year about the LEXIA Reading program. LEXIA is a computer based program that works with students to increase their reading skills. Students are working diligently to pass each of the LEXIA levels. Ask your student what level they are on and how close they are to the next level. Believe me they will know. Each time your student passes a level they are entitled to a Thursday popcorn party or if they have passed two levels a root beer float..


In the classroom we are listening to students read, working on decoding and comprehension. This year with the new Common Core Testing students will be required to have a deeper level of comprehension than ever before. It is our hope that each student will make significant growth and develop a love for reading and learning.


Thank You,


Randy, Jorgine, & Terri