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Technology Class 4th Quarter


Technology class in the 4th quarter




Here we are at the end of a year all ready. We’ve covered a lot this year. From different devices like Typewriters, and cameras, to larger concepts like time and measurement. We learned how to type with TTL and and how to publish with Microsoft Office.. We made water clocks, presentations, and animations. We experimented with our own circuits. We made our own profiles and posts on Edmodo. We even bought things online in our prize store!Now, it’s time to finish our year strong.

For our 4th quarter we will continue with

our typing. 1st and 2nd graders will be finishing up their hundreds Chart and race track (some students already have!). We will be discussing

sound, older students will even get to work on some sound editing. We will discuss different modes of travel and even take a virtual field trip! Then we will look into the future at what technology may bring us in the years to come.

A very exciting program all students will

be starting this quarter is 1-8 graders will all have a chance to begin learning computer programing. I’m very excited to be able to offer this at our school and I really think it will be a skill they can carry with them for the

rest of their lives.

Teaching students skills they can carry with them

for the rest of their lives.

Founded by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg (man who

invented Facebook.) On the philosophy that computer

science should be part of every classroom and every

student given the opportunity to learn. teaches

computer programming to students as young as

Kindergarten age, all the way up to adults. This free

program teaches using characters kids recognize such as

Angry Birds, Frozen, Ice Age, and Plants vs. Zombies.