schedule changes

Music Mountain Jr./Sr. Start Times – Effective January 9, 2023

7th /8th grade schedule: 

No changes to Jr. High start time or release time. 8:20a.m. -2:50p.m.

9th grade schedule:

 9th grade will now need to ride the Jr. High bus to
arrive at 8:20 for breakfast.  9th graders schedule is being increased by 1
period in the morning hours only.  9th grade arrival will be with Jr. High
School.  9th graders leave time remains the same as 1st Semester-- 

10th grade schedule: 

10th Grade will experience the greatest adjustment to their schedules, increasing their day by 2 periods in morning hours.  10th grade will receive access to a new bus route where they arrive at school at 7:30 for breakfast. All 10th grade student will receive “Academic Success” from 7:45-8:30a.m.

11th and 12th grade schedule:

No whole group changes to their schedule.
Individual/targeted students have been notified, placed and started
January 3, 2023 p.m. school 2:30p.m.-4:30p.m., Monday-Wednesdays.